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About Me

Howdy! I'm Ford, a twenty-something college student with an interest in Victorian literature. I created this site in order to make obscure and forgetten tales more accessible to read. I am particularly interested in speculative fiction — horror, weird fiction, early sci-fi, etc. — and short stories. You can contact me at if you find any issues with the website, have suggestions for stories to put here, or would like me to put a content warning on one or more of the stories.

Magazines I have gone through: The Dark Blue (1871-73)

Magizines I am currently going through: Belgravia (1867-99)


Here are some websites I use to read public domain literature. (Note: these sites are predominantly geared towards English speakers, but many do offer some content in other languages.)

Here are some of the programs I use when formatting texts for this website. All of these are free to download and use.

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