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fantasy horror paranormal science fiction

Title Author Date
The Ghost at Laburnum Villa ⒽⓅ (anonymous) 1870-08
At Chrighton Abbey ⒽⓅ (anonymous) 1871-05
My Grandfather's Ghost Story ⒽⓅ
(warning: suicide)
(anonymous) 1872-03
The Two Inquests ⒽⓅ ★
(warning: suicide)
(anonymous) 1873-12
The Bryansfort Spectre ⒽⓅ (anonymous) 1874-12
The Terrible Night ⒽⓅ Boddington, Harriet Olivia 1874-12
Eveline's Visitant ⒽⓅ Braddon, Mary Elizabeth 1867-01
The Ghost's Summons Ⓗ ★ Buisson, Ada 1868-01
The Baron's Coffin ⒽⓅ Buisson, Ada 1869-09
The Portrait's Warning ⒽⓅ ★ Clarke, Henry Savile 1868-02
Through the Breakers Hay, Mary Cecil 1874-02
The Dumberdene ⒽⓅ Knatchbull-Hugessen, L. K. 1873-06
The Haunted House at Westminster ⒽⓅ ★ Le Fanu, Joseph Sheridan 1872-01
Gatherings in Brittany ⒽⓅ Notley, Frances Eliza Millett 1869-10
The Haunted Rock ⒽⓅ Woods, Charles F. F. 1871-01
The Cedar Closet ⒽⓅ
(warning: ableism, suicide)
Woods, M. K. 1873-12

All of the above stories are in the public domain and can be copied or distributed freely. Credit to this site appreciated, but not necessary.

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